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Bauhaus Bauspiel Edition white

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Bauhaus Bauspiel Edition white

CHF 159.00

The interplay of light and shadow

100 years of Bauhaus - an excellent reason for More…

The interplay of light and shadow

100 years of Bauhaus - an excellent reason for a new edition. The Naef assortment of Bauhaus replicas is enriched by the re-release of designer Alma Siedhoff-Buscher’s Bauhaus building game, this time completely in white. With the absence of color, the focus is on the shapes of the building elements; the building game reveals its architectural impact in every environment and every light differently.

27 x 6.5 x 4 cm


Safety instructions:
Naef`s replica is intended for collectors aged 14 and over. Contains small parts.

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Born in 1899; studied at Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau; designed and produced children's furniture and children's toys; together with Erich Brendel, designed the children’s room at the "Musterhaus am Horn" for the Bauhaus exhibition in 1923; married actor and dancer Werner Siedhoff in 1926; died 1945 in Frankfurt. Design: Bauhaus construction game


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