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New: Corus colored

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New: Corus colored

CHF 212.00

Corus colored

Corus is decorative, surprisingly versatile and shows off with its climbing skills. When More…

Corus colored

Corus is decorative, surprisingly versatile and shows off with its climbing skills. When stacked upwards, Corus reaches unexpected heights, but can also descend beautifully from a shelf, which is a novelty in the Naef collection. This play-object captivates with its simplicity and reduced form, yet is refined in detail, offering an endless variety of construction options. In the painted version made of maple wood, Corus colourful, the fresh colours catch the eye. The bracket-shaped blocks in white and two shades of blue contrast with the yellow-orange innermost block, inviting the beholder to the endless possibilities of three-dimensional construction.

Upon opening its box, one sees a compact, simple and beautifully crafted object. It consists of six bracket-shaped elements of different lengths which fit precisely inside each other, embracing a cubic keystone at its core. This is cut at right angles and can be the foundation for diagonal building. At first sight, all of the potential that lies within the simple-looking components is not apparent. However, playing with the blocks immediately reveals surprising possibilities of form and space.

Possible combinations

Measuring 100 mm x 200mm x 50 mm, Corus is designed to combine with other games from Naef. In combination with Ligno, Cubicus, Tectus, Modulon, etc., there are countless other playing possibilities.


  • Beautiful combination of colors in dark blue, blue, yellow and white
  • Can be combined with other Naef products
  • High quality maple
  • PEFC wood from Germany
  • 100% manufactured in Germany
  • From sustainable production


20 x 10 x 5cm
7 pcs.


Maple from Germany

Recommended age:

For every person over 6 years

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Arne Jäkel was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1993 and now lives in Stuttgart, Germany. After graduating from high school he completed a carpentry apprenticeship from 2013 -2016, followed by a BA in Product and Furniture Design and an MA in Design at the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau, Germany. He now works part-time as a freelance product designer and since 2023 as a Junior Design Manager (Retail Experience) at Liganova in Stuttgart.

Franz Peipp was born in Bochum, Germany in 1995. After graduating from high school, he completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter, then went on to study in wood design and furniture / product design at West Saxon University of Zwickau. He works as a carpenter and designer and lives in Leipzig.

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