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Diamond Swiss

  • Diamant Swiss TitelJan 2011 029
  • Diamant Swiss 4 Jan 2011 008
  • Diamant Swiss 3 Jan 2011 009
  • Diamant Swiss 2 Jan 2011 006
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Diamond Swiss

CHF 175.00

A beautiful multifaceted puzzle

The original by Peer Clahsen in a true “diamond” among play More…

A beautiful multifaceted puzzle

The original by Peer Clahsen in a true “diamond” among play objects. An octagon, which can be disassembled into fifteen pieces and whose separate pieces fit perfectly together, continually forming new variations and fascinating constructions. A game, which appeals to every age group and is as varied as the cut facets of the precious stone itself. The walnut version is particularly beautiful. This synergy of creative genius, beautiful wood and handcrafted precision is unique.

Swiss Edition

Completely in red with a white cross in honour of the Swiss national colours, as its name suggests. This little brother of the larger version of “Diamant” has a smaller number of parts, but is none the less appealing due to its attractive colour. Like Switzerland, it may be small but it is a big player on the world’s stage.


  • High quality maple wood
  • 100% manufactured in Germany
  • From sustainable production
  • Versatile play object


20 x 10 x 5cm
7 pcs.



Recommended age:

For every person over 6 years


  • Peer Clahsen

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Suitable for following age categories:

Geboren 1938 in Flintbek/Schleswig-Holstein (Deutschland), Lehre als Handwerker, 1955-1959 Ausbildung an der Muthesius-Werkkunstschule Kiel, freischaffender Künstler, Kunstpädagoge, Lyriker und Performance-Interpret. Zahlreiche Ausstellungen und Publikationen. Das Zusammentreffen mit Kurt Naef 1967 führt zu einer intensiven und erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit. Lebt und arbeitet im südlichen Schwarzwald, in Schopfheim. Angular, Cella, Dolio, Duo, Cubicus, Diamant, Ponte etc.


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